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What is YK Osiris Net worth in 2022 as reported by Forbes? The most trusted blog about celebrities’ Net Worth provides you with all you need to learn about YK Osiris’s biography and weight, height, and personal life, including his wife’s Instagram.

Answer all of your questions, such as: was he married? Who is his wife? What is the real Osiris from YK? What exactly does YK refer to in YK Osiris? What is his salary each day and weekly, as well as monthly and annually?

What will be YK Osiris net worth in 2022, according to Forbes? More answers to your unanswered questions, with a wealth of fascinating facts that you’ll not want to miss in his life.


NameYK Osiris (Osiris Jahkail Williams)
Date of BirthSeptember 7, 1997
Place of BirthJacksonville, Florida, United States
NationalityUnited States
Height1.7 meters. (5 9”)
Net Worth$2.0 million
Source of IncomeRapper, Singer, and Songwriter


Biography of YK Osiris

Osiris Jahkail Williams is popularly and professionally referred to in the industry as YK Osiris is among the most gifted American Rappers as well as a Singer and Songwriter. 

Osiris Jahkail Williams also known as “YK Osiris” was born on September 7, 1997. He was born in Jacksonville, Florida, United States. 

The star was discovered following the release of the track “I’m the Next (Freestyle)“, “Valentine” and “Worth It“. Osiris is currently contracted to Def Jam Recordings. The singer currently has a Net worth of $2.0 million according to 2022’s update.

Osiris is currently associated with Def Jam Recordings. He’s contracted with Def Jam Recordings, and the single “Worth It” was a top 48 hit according to the Billboard Hot 100.

Personal life

YK is believed to be in a romantic affair with musician Ann Marie. Rumors of love circulated all over the world after the singer was included on the track of Ann Marie’s “Secret”. They could be in love with each other. But, they’re not verified as being in the same relationship at this time. Before Ann Marie, his name was linked to the rapper DreamDoll.

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What is YK Osiris’s net worth in 2022 as reported by Forbes?

According to our study, We discovered that the well-known American musician, rapper, and rapper “YK Osiris” is estimated to have a total net worth of 2 million dollars by 2022. 2022 update.

YK Osiris Net Worth in the Five years

  • The Net Worth of 2022 is: $2 Million
  • Net Value by 2021 $1.7 Million
  • Net Value for 2020 $1.4 Million
  • Net Worth in 2019: $1 Million
  • The Net Worth in 2018 was $0.5 Million

YK Osiris Music Career

Osiris had a love of music since a young age. He was a huge fan of all kinds of music, from classic R&B up to Rap. Although he could create songs in his youth he didn’t show his talents until he was 17 years old. young. 

In 2017, the singer dropped the track “Fake Love”. It was a huge success and was able to get over 2 million views on SoundCloud. In the following months, the next single was released under the name “I’m Next (Freestyle)”. It also racked up millions and thousands of streams and generated quite an online buzz on social media platforms.

He released his first single in the month of April 2018. dropped another single that became a hit “Valentine”. Like his previous songs, it was praised by the public. The track received millions of streams on different streaming platforms like Spotify, SoundCloud, and YouTube. 

The internet went wild over the track. Even the legendary hip-hop musician Lil Uzi Vert couldn’t stop him from releasing a remix of his track. Osiris was becoming famous everywhere. Due to his growing fame, Osiris became a signed artist for Def Jam Recordings in 2019.

What was the method by which YK Osiris earn his income?

The well-known American rapper and MD and songwriter “YK Osiris” has many sources of income which allow him to boost his net worth to more than $2 million in the update for 2022.

The majority of his income is through his work ( as a rapper, singer, and songwriter, through Records sales, earnings from stream shows, gifts from fans, and brand ambassadors) and also through his various side ventures.

Legal problem

He was charged with the charge of assault aggravated by strangulation after cutting and choking his partner after his 21st birthday celebration on the 7th of September, 2019.

Is he dead or alive?

Based on our study the man is alive as of the 2022 update.

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