What To Do With All Those Playbills

For the last 13 years, I’ve kept every single Playbill from every single Broadway, Off-Broadway, and Off-off-off-off Broadway show I’ve seen. As a former theater teacher, current TAV blogger, and always patron of the arts, these little things stacked up QUICK.

For the longest time, I kept them loose, bonded together by a large ribbon on my bookshelf. However, the stack was more of an eye sore than anything else, and there was no way to really sort through and look at them without making a big mess.

Hence, for one of my 18 for 2018 goals, I decided to finally organize these little suckers. I went to the Playbill website and ordered a binder and clear plastic sheets, and went to work sorting my ‘bills.

I the ones that didn’t hold any significance to them went ahead and recycled (otherwise I would have had to order 6 binders!) But for the rest, I had the best time reminiscing about all the shows I’ve watched over the years, who I watched them with, what was going on in my life during that time, etc. Some of my favorites (memories, not shown):

The first Broadway show I took my husband (then boyfriend!) to see which sparked a lively post-theater conversation.…

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The last shows I saw while I was still pregnant with Augusten, and so huge and uncomfortable in those tiny seats I considered leaving at intermission but was loving the show way too much so stuck it out!…

The wonderful night my sister and I had when she was visiting me in NYC over the holidays last year—a stop by The Rockefeller Christmas tree, the performance of A Christmas Carol, followed by dinner and laughs at The Smile.

The last gift she gave me before she passed away from her battle with cancer in February was a framed photo of us that day, so obviously coming across this Playbill just felt really, really special.

I took the time to jot down each Playbill I kept important information that may be clear to me now, but fuzzy years down the road. I want my Playbills to act as mementos of my time here in New York and the people I spend it with. Because before you know it, Frozen will be considered a classic and Hamilton tickets will be a steal;-)

I’d love to know—what do you do with your theater Playbills?

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