The Role of ReactJS in Building Progressive Web Applications

Progressive web apps (PWAs) have proceeded with their remarkable excellence with their lightweight yet powerful features and functionalities. After 2015, when it was announced, the term became a key development approach for entrepreneurs. Although there are multiple technologies available to build PWAs, ReactJS has been a powerful technology since its release.

Entrepreneurs are looking forward to Hire ReactJS web app developers. But they are still researching the query “The Role of ReactJS in Building Progressive Web Applications.” And this article will deliver the benefits of building an app with ReactJS to prove the role of ReactJS. But let us start from the basics and learn what Progressive web apps are.

What exactly are Progressive web apps?

PWA adds advantages to mobile and web applications delivering excellent user experience. A PWA can be accessed through a browser immediately, unlike native apps that require download and storage permissions. Here are the top PWAs in the market:

  • Tinder: Tinder is one of the most popular apps for dating, delivering a robust PWA experience. The app is built with ReactJS and has already registered 100million+.
  • Instagram: Instagram is the most popular platform for sharing photos, stories and videos. ReactJS has played a key role in delivering a flawless user experience.
  • Uber: Uber is based on React native technology, becoming one of the most popular PWA in the travel department. The app has registered 50 crore + downloads.

Although, PWA can download content like YouTube, which is just to deliver a smooth user experience. The main goal of PWA apps s to blue the gap between native and web apps.

ReactJS in building Progressive web apps

Progressive web apps give the feel of a native app, although they are very light and do not follow a native development approach. Although there are numerous technologies to build a PWA, ReactJS is very popular among ReactJS app development companies. It takes 42.62% share of respondents as the most used development framework among developers worldwide. Here is the role of ReactJS in building PWAs.

Unlocks Reliability

When you use ReactJS for building PWA, you unlock reliability. The apps built with ReactJS open with a click. Further, it demands lower network resources. Whether you are on a 2G network or a low-speed network, the app will still load faster. With ReactJS, you can achieve the announcement of Google, where they quoted that if our site takes more than 3 seconds to load, more than half of users will close it.

Delivers robust cross-platform solution

ReactJS fully supports cross-platform behavior for PWAs. When you build an app with ReactJS, it successfully achieves its aim of writing once and running on all platforms. This is also the reason why 42% of Developers Choose ReactJS for app Development. All your apps will be compatible with iOS and Android, reducing the overall time of coding. Although they might not achieve the smoothness offered with Native app development, the latest hardware is powerful enough to give a native feel to apps built with ReactJS.

Highly responsive apps with ReactJS

React-Responsive is a library of React that makes PWA apps highly responsive. You can apply different styles flawlessly based on the size of the screen. With ReactJS, your PWA will automatically adjust to the desired screen size. The adjustments stay consistent across multiple devices without any hindrances. It makes the overall user experience smooth and flawless.

But a top-notch responsive app with ReactJS demands the right development partner So, you still have to ensure that you work with a top-rated ReactJS web Application development company that is an expert in ReactJS-based PWAs.

Steps involved in building PWA with ReactJS

There are certain steps on which you have to focus upon while building a PWA with ReactJS. Here are these steps.

  1. When you build a progressive web app using ReactJS
  2. Setting up the ReactJS project
  3. Adding PWA features to the project
  4. Optimizing the app for performance and user experience
  5. Deploying the ReactJS PWA

Final words

ReactJS plays a valuable role in building progressive web apps, becoming the reason for the popular tech stack among top-rated ReactJS application development companies. It lets programmers efficiently use the code for other apps with its cross-platform characteristics. Further, it packs more functionality for development. It includes server-side and client-side rendering and more. Finally, the rendering is fast. This is the reason why ReactJS is popular and has been playing a key role in building progressive web apps.

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