Summertime Style Tips For Nyc Mamas

Dressing for NYC summer is my absolute favorite. No bulky sweaters, complex layers, or coats that weigh as much as your handbag. The city heat makes getting dressed a breeze, and there’s no shortage of cute styles to employ.

Going on my third summer of being a stay-at-home mama in NYC, I’ve rounded up my styling tips for living your best life in NYC this summer!

Tip #1: Choose chic but comfy footwear

Perhaps the biggest tip of all to any new mama in NYC is to choose your footwear wisely. You’ll be walking (or if your kiddo is a toddler, running) A LOT. While those wedges may look super cute in theory, in real life your feet will be hating you before you even reach lunch. Instead, choose a shoe that is chic, but also super comfy.

Lucky for you, there are lots of styles that fit this bill right now, ranging from jellies (a GREAT choice if you intend to be at a splash pad) to chic ballet flats to edgy sneakers (although the good ol’ fashioned converse is always my favorite). 

But speaking from experience, I would stay away from an open-toe strappy sandal if your day includes any playground plans. I’ve had my toes stepped on and stubbed enough to learn that the hard way.

Or, if you really can’t fathom the idea of NOT wearing the wedges, commute in comfy shoes and then change right before you arrive at your destination, whether it be a playdate or mama-and-me music class.

Tip #2: Embrace the romper

July and August are hot at best, and sauna-steamy at worst. While I love a cute pair of white jeans as much as the next girl, navigating the city in those suckers will be downright sticky and uncomfortable. 

And while dresses/skirts would normally be a great alternative, you get into the problem of flashing everyone on the playground while running around after your little one (please tell me that isn’t just me?!) Instead, pick a few cute rompers to rock this season. They are lightweight, don’t take up much closet space (since it’s all one piece!), and look so much better than a constant uniform of yoga pants.

Tip #3: Throw on a hat

If your morning is anything like mine, hair care is pretty much at the bottom of the priority list. Gone are the days of the blowout or curls or straightening…hello to the days of ponytails, buns, and my personal favorite…hats!

There are so many cute hat options for women, and besides hiding hair that may not have been washed for a few days, hats are also a fabulous accessory, and outfit enhancer, and keep your face and head out of the sun! This summery fedora rarely leaves my head:

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Tip #4: Follow the 1 Minute Makeup Face

I recently went to a wellness event where they talked about the 5-minute makeup face. It was the idea that NYC women are busy enough, so instead of spending 20 minutes trying to HIDE all the things you dislike about your face through makeup and contouring, instead spend 5 minutes SHOWCASING all the things you LOVE about your face. 

I’ll take it a step further and say spend a grand total of ONE minute highlighting one thing you love about your face (because 5 minutes with a toddler chanting mama, mama, mama, MAMA over and over can feel like a really long time;-)

Me, I really love my smile (thanks to all those middle and high school years in braces!), so I love to swipe on a little lipstick before heading out. It instantly makes me feel more put together and ready to take on the city.

I’ve tried countless red lipsticks over the years, and my current favorite is Scarlett Creme Lipstick by the brand Stowaway. Their concept is that makeup basically always expires before you use it all, so they make cute small sizes at a great price point. The $9 tiny tube is compact, fits in my pocket (or fanny pack!), is creamy, and stays put even through a meal.

Tip #5: Have a few go-to pieces of quality jewelry to complete your look

Back in my 20s, my jewelry box was filled with inexpensive, trendy items that would turn my skin green after just a few wears. The jewelry would need to be trashed after barely a season of wearing it, which in retrospect feels like a huge waste, to my bank account, and to the environment.

Nowadays, I have much less jewelry, but choose to invest in higher quality, timeless pieces for what I do wear (and basically these pieces never leave my body, so they get A LOT of use).

And “high quality” doesn’t necessarily mean expensive, either. NYC’s own Ace-Picked has beautiful pieces at absolutely wonderful price points. I recently got these tiny 14K solid gold studs for $43, which will carry me through all the seasons repeatedly and couldn’t be happier.

We’re thrilled to be partnering with Ace-Picked to offer our readers 20% off with the discount code JESSICA20, so you can up your summertime style, too!


Would love to know…any summertime styling tips you swear by? Share in the comments below!

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