Inflact: Boost Your Followers

Inflact (formerly also known as Ingramer) claims to be an x2 efficient Instagram bot. We promise real followers and followers quickly and securely.

However, are they legitimate or should you avoid using their services?

To address that question, today we’ll review Inflact reviewing their offerings, their advantages and cons, other options, and whether we’d suggest using their service.

Let’s get started.

Why Would You Want More Instagram Followers?

On Instagram the followers you have on Instagram comprise the majority of your followers – and as your followers grow as is the amount of engagement you get from your posts.

The more followers you have, the increase the likelihood that users will follow your profile following your posts after they have seen them.

Think about this: if you came across a clothing brand that had 100 followers or one with 10,000 followers, which one do you think you’d prefer to follow? Of course, it’s the one that has many followers has more authentic and credible as an entity.

In addition, your amount of fans is a good indicator for Instagram of how well-known your account is. Therefore, they are more likely to promote your content on Explore Page. Explore Page.

This will improve the reach of your account and also expose your account/ brand to a larger audience. These are just a few reasons Instagram Growth Services are so well-known in 2022!

What is Inflact?

It can be described as an Instagram Growth Service which uses bots to automatize your routine actions, making it easier for you to save time while growing your account as well.


Inflact is definitely the leading industry bot we use – and the first choice for total automation. Some of the its features includes:

  • Auto Following
  • Auto Liking
  • Auto DMs
  • Scheduled Posts

This service claims to boost your following by 3000 followers per month, on average. Additionally, 500 new clients sign up with them every month!

Inflact Customers

They also provide advanced targeting via hashtags, usernames, and locations in addition to gender and filters for languages.

This means that the followers be genuine but also attracted to your particular niche, which means that your engagement will rise.

Ii is a group of experts who have been involved in social media for seven years. So, you should know how to protect your account.

In order to use Inflact, You don’t need to download anything. It can be used online, at any time, and with any device.

What is the best way to use It? Find out more in the coming sections.

Beginning with Inflact

It’s super simple and easy to begin using Inflact:

Start by signing up to any of the programs they have available and enter your email address as well as Instagram login information.

Make your payment using a Card as well as PayPal.

Then, modify your schedule, daily limits, filters, etc. then relax and unwind.

Keep an eye on your followers to expand.

The easiest way to monitor your progress is by using their sophisticated analytics tools too.

Pricing + Features

Inflact provides four different modules that have different features that are popular.

Prices vary dependent on the number of accounts you wish to connect, and how long you sign up for.

You may also opt to purchase a number of these modules in one account, to boost your productivity.

Here are the module’s specifications and prices:


Promo is the most well-known and well-known module. It lets you automate daily routine actions. You can check the Inflact Promo Pricing by clicking here.

Some of the features include:

  • Auto Likes, Follow and Unfollow
  • Hashtags, Locations, and Usernames Targeting
  • Smart Analytics
  • Personal Manager

Promo is our top choice and is certain to increase your followers quickly.

Get started by registering for Promo through this link.


Direct is the third of the 4 modules of Inflact and, as the name implies it provides automated and bulk messages to your target clients. You can check the Inflact Direct Pricing by clicking here.

Some of the features include:

  • One Online Direct Chat for all Accounts
  • Bulk Direct Messaging
  • Following Auto-Responses
  • AI-Optimization Search Function

This is a great tool for businesses looking to get their message to all their followers – rather than spend time individually contacting all of their followers.

Scheduled Posting

The next step is scheduled posting. It’s the next step to Promoting – and provides complete control over your Instagram. Scheduled Posting lets you automatically post when it is the correct time.

You can check the Inflact Scheduled Posting Pricing by clicking here.

The features included include:

  • Automated Scheduled Posting
  • Photo and Video
  • Stores and Gallery Posting
  • Full Accounts Preview

It’s an absolute necessity for any user who wants to keep posting regularly to keep their readers interested.

Hashtag Generator

Hashtag Generator promises large amounts of traffic that will be directed to your website.

Inflact Hashtag Generator details can be checked by clicking here.

The features included include:

  • Fully Managed Hashtag Generator
  • Targeting Trending Hashtags
  • Live Analytics of Results
  • AI-Optimization Search Function

This feature allows your content to be promoted to a greater number of people – and thus improve your chances of being noticed.

It’s an excellent way to get a ton of people who are attracted by your site’s content to visit it.

Pros and Cons of Inflect


  • Wide Range of Features
  • Full Automation
  • Advanced Targeting
  • Organic Growth
  • Great Trustpilot Reviews
  • 100% Safety and Security


  • No Phone Support

Would We Recommend Using Inflact?

We would 100% recommend the use of Inflact. Here’s why:

Great Trustpilot Reviews

One of the main aspects to consider when choosing an online company is the quality of their reviews.

In addition, be sure you use a neutral and reliable site like Trustpilot to test the authenticity of their website.

Inflact Trustpilot

Inflact has a stunning rating of 4-Star from Trustpilot after 164 customer reviews.

It is simply difficult to say no to an organization with such positive reviews. Here’s an example:

Inflact Trustpilot Review 1

The reviews enable us to know how clients have felt about their services – and this can be a great indicator of how efficient they are.

While not always 100% accurate, however, we would suggest Inflact Based on these reviews.

High-Quality Service

Another reason to use Inflact is that we are of the opinion that they provide the best service.

They have an extremely designed website and dashboard that allows you to navigate the site very effortlessly. Inflact also offers a wide array of features that other bots lack.

This includes:

  • Various modules
  • Live chat help
  • Whitelists and Blacklists
  • Full automation

Their four modules ensure they have plans that meet every need – and they are all priced very competitively.

In our view, Inflact’s services are of good quality and that’s why we would recommend making use of their services.

Did you hear about SaveIG and Smihub? If you want to download videos, images, or stories both these sites are best for such purpose.


What is Inflact?

Inflact, is an internet-based Instagram bot that provides complete automatization of your everyday actions. This includes automated liking following, unfollowing, direct messaging, and much other features. The service is available online on any device, anytime regardless of where you are.

Is Inflact legit?

We believe Inflact is legit. This is because of their highly favorable reviews on Trustpilot and their extensive array of features. We have tested their service and found it to work well and we can find any reason why they should not be genuine.

Is Inflact secure?

There’s no reason for us to think that Inflact isn’t safe. On their website, they state that they offer 100percent privacy and security – and in some plans, a dedicated manager who is responsible for your account and ensure its security, to make sure you do not get exiled.

Does Inflact real?

We do believe that Inflact is real. They not only have outstanding reviews on websites like Trustpilot and Trustpilot, but the features they provide are remarkable (such as targeted advertising, advanced as well as full automation) They also guarantee that the followers and likes you get are real and genuine. We suggest starting using Inflact If you are looking for real, organic growth in the followers on your Instagram account.


We believe Inflact to be an excellent Instagram Bot and Growth Service. They have a variety of features packed into their modules that will help you increase the speed of your Instagram growth. Inflact also has an excellent reviews on Trustpilot and they promise excellent assistance and safety. We recommend starting by signing up for their Promo program and then avail of the discount below.

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