Why Is Beef Jerky So Expensive

The fans of beef jerky have experienced the frustration of wanting to devour it all day long However, they are stifled by one main factor that is cost.

When you buy a packet of beef jerky sure it’s five dollars here and seven here, may not seem like a lot If you’re anything like me, you could consume that bag of jerky within an hour, and need more. When you get to the lower part of the bag, and you see it’s 3 ounces of jerky or less, and wonder, “Why are 3 ounces worth of food worth so much?”

Why Is Beef Jerky So Expensive?

The reason that it is expensive is that it requires much more meat than the 2.7 pounds we’re seeing. The Pennsylvania-based Big John’s Beef Jerky explained the matter on its website because it’s an often-asked question:

The reason for this is that beef jerky can be expensive to make. Beef is approximately 60% water and when it’s dried the majority of the weight evaporates. It takes around 2.5 Lbs of quality beef to create 1 Lb of Jerky. Furthermore, many jerky manufacturers employ expensive preservatives and chemicals in their jerky production and also produce lots of waste due to the method they use to make it. 

We use a minimal amount of preservatives particularly when it comes to the Original or Fiery Hot flavors. We have a unique method that is more efficient and cuts down on the amount of waste. This helps you save money. Additionally, buying straight with our website “cuts off our middleman” and lets us transfer the savings directly to our customers.

Thus, every one pound worth of beef jerky made was originally around 2.5 pounds of beef.

The owner of the Arizona-based Lawless Jerky touched on the issue in an article from 2014 on a Reddit thread, which confirmed Big John’s claim, and noted that labor costs, as well as the cost of beef packaging, shipping, and even insurance for the manufacturing facility, are all in the equation with the relatively high cost on the shelves.

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Reasons of Beef Jerky Expensiveness

As the owner of a grass-fed, all-natural firm that makes jerky, I can provide a myriad of reasons for why it’s so expensive… here are some of them:

1.) This requires lots of work 

2.) Most often, it involves lean beef that is more expensive than chicken, pork or even fat from beef. 

3.) The packaging of the product can prove very costly. Labels. 

4.) Rent and insurance in the USDA-certified facility.

5.) Time: It takes about a week between the starting and finishing of small batches. 

6.) Shrink: Because the meat is mostly water, and you’re dehydrating it, the meat, you’ll lose about 40-60 percent from the mass of meat, which increases the cost. 

7) Top-quality ingredients. For instance, we import insane spices from across the globe. We make use of top-quality, all-natural ingredients.

8.) Shipping – bringing all the ingredients into your facility and then shipping jerky to the nation isn’t cost-effective.

In the same thread, one Reddit user became a bit more specific on the kind of beef used in jerky. They said that jerky is generally made using the rump roast, which can typically cost around $5.99 for a kilogram.

“You purchase a bag of Jerky for around $7 since it was originally 7 dollars worth of beef and spices.” Reddit user cdb3492 said.

The bottom line is that you’re paying for what you get. It’s not an easy process to make jerky and usually involves high-quality meats. You can tell that you’re eating excellent quality as we’d rather not spend $7 freely.

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