7 Solutions To Solve Airpods Case Not Charging Issue

Are your AirPods Pro or AirPods case not charging, not holding a charge, or not charging at 100%, or perhaps your AirPod case doesn’t light up while charging? Don’t panic. This article explains how you can resolve every AirPods Case not charging issues.

AirPods case charging issues isn’t atypical. Indeed, for a long time now, problems appeared on the web, suggesting there was a flaw in Apple’s brand new AirPods case that could lead to the battery draining prematurely. Although the total number of users affected is not known but it’s a given that the issue affected many users and sparked some controversy.

It’s unclear if the issue is due to an error in the software, which is simply showing an incorrect percentage of battery, or whether the battery within it is draining faster than it should. In another way, getting a drain of 30-50% after a full charge, and only some hours or idle times is getting beneath the skin of users.

Although the AirPods charging issues with the case have been in the news for a while the troubleshooting instructions will perform flawlessly in 2022.

Learn to Read the Charging Signals

Before we move on to the troubleshooting procedures It’s helpful to be aware of those charging indicators on the AirPods case, particularly in case you’re a novice to the AirPods device.

Is the AirPods case charging after plugging into or resting in its charger pad? Begin by looking at the status light of the charging.

When you plug the case into the wall, you’ll see the charging light turn on (but it will turn off completely within 10 seconds, which is fine).

Another sign that your case has been charged is to place your AirPods inside the case and shut the lid. Connect the case to the charging cable. Unzip the cover and place the case closer to the iPhone.

It should be able to detect the AirPods status screen will appear with the message that indicates the charge of both the AirPods as well as the case.

Since the case is connected and charging, you will notice a lightning bolt in front of the battery symbol on the earbuds as well as the case. If the case isn’t sporting a lightning bolt it means you’ve got some issue charging (see the below).

Solutions of AirPods Case not Charging Problem

The AirPods cases aren’t charged due to a software glitch. It could be due to a glitch that causes a problem in the operating system which prevents the case from being charged.

Solution 1: Make Sure Your Connections

The 1st solution to the AirPods case not charging problem is to make sure your connections. If you own AirPods or AirPods Pro, ensure that the Lightning to USB cable is securely plugged into the case as well as the USB charger. Make sure the power adapter is connected in the correct way to an outlet for power.

If you’re using a Qi-compatible charger for your device make sure that the cable is properly plugged into the charger, and the other end is connected correctly to an outlet for power.

Solution 2: Charge your AirPods

The 2nd solution to the AirPods case not charging problem is to Set your AirPods inside their cases to recharge them if you haven’t done it in the past while, even though you think you have. To be certain to do this, place the AirPods into the case, and check whether the charging indicator comes on. In the event that it is, it may not be any issues with the AirPods.

Place your AirPods inside the charging case and then close the lid. Then, charge your AirPods and the case for a minimum of 15 minutes using the original cable that came with your AirPods.

If you own a Wireless Charging Case to use with the AirPods and AirPods Pro and are using Qi-compatible chargers, put it in the case on top of the charging case, with the status light facing upwards.

The status light will turn on for a few minutes and then go off while charging. If the light isn’t turning on, try repositioning the case.

Solution 3: Clean the Port for Charging on the Case

The 3rd solution to the AirPods case not charging problem is to check isn’t it dirty. If this is the case the next thing you should do is clean the AirPods charging port on the case. Charging ports are notoriously prone to collecting dirt and lint in them, particularly when you keep the case inside your jeans The jeans always have dust in the bottom of your pockets.

Before you clean the case, be sure that you don’t apply any liquids or metallic as this could create a short circuit and risk ruining the AirPods case.

To Clean the charging port

  • Make sure you have a brush that is static or a toothpick
  • Scrape the dirt away
  • Attach your Lightning cable to your case and it should be charged.

For a more thorough guide on this, check out this article: How To Get Clean Your AirPods, as well as Their Case.

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Solution 4: Use a Different Cable

The 4th solution to the AirPods case not charging problem is to change the charging cable. If your device still doesn’t charge, try charging using the original cable that came with the case. In the event that you’re connecting a cord that does not have MFI certified, this could be the reason.

False cables do not have the best connectivity when compared with MFI-certified cables. After switching the lightning cables, determine if you’re able to recharge your Lightning case.

Solution 5: Do Not use an Extension

The 5th solution to the AirPods case not charging problem is not using any extension. In the event that you’re using an extender for charging an Airpod device, this could create a charging issue because the extension might not have sufficient power or may be inoperable. To avoid any doubts switch to a wall outlet.

Once you’ve connected the charger to the wall socket The case should begin charging. If not, you can try the troubleshooting tips below.

Solution 6: Install the latest AirPods Firmware

The 6th solution to the AirPods case not charging problem is the process of updating to the latest version of your AirPods firmware which is a reliable method to resolve software-related issues. If it’s been a while since you’ve upgraded to the latest AirPods firmware, you might not have updated it, which could be the reason.

Therefore, first, try updating the firmware then follow the steps above to determine whether your AirPod will be charging.

If you follow those steps but you still have no charge, AirPods aren’t charging, there could exist a fault with your AirPods case.

Solution 7: Reset Your AirPods Case

The 7th solution to the AirPods case not charging problem is resetting your Airpods case. If the above steps aren’t enough to solve your issues with charging it is possible that you need to reset your AirPods. It is important to note that when you reset the factory of your AirPods it will erase all settings that you’ve saved.

The process of resetting the AirPods case will erase the operating system. This could help you charge your device.

For a reset of your AirPods case:

  • You must first open the Settings application on your iPhone.
  • Next Tap Bluetooth.
  • Tap the I icon beside the AirPods you’ll need to reset.
  • Tap To forget This Device.
  • Lastly, Tap To Forget the Device, then confirm.
  • Now, put your AirPods into their cases.
  • Then, close the lid and wait for 30 seconds, and then open the lid.
  • Then Hold and press the setup button located on the inside of the AirPods case. AirPods case.
  • Reset button in AirPods Case highlighted.
  • AirPods Case highlighted AirPods Case Problems with Charging.
  • Its status lights will turn amber and then change to white to show that the AirPods were reset.

Then, your AirPods have been restored to their factory setting and are now able to work with any iPhone.

Contact Apple Customer Service

Last but not least solution to the AirPods case not charging problem is, that you should contact Apple customer support If none of the above solutions have done the trick for you. There could be an issue with the hardware and the device might require replacement.

The problems that cause them are more frequent than most people realize, and they’ll likely be able to fix them. Or, in the case that they aren’t, you may receive a replacement in the event that you’re covered by warranty.


That’s it. I hope this article can aid you in fixing your Airpods Case Not Charging Issue. If not then you should prior to heading to the nearest Apple store.


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